For Music Artists

I would love to play your music on KAOS (Olympia),  KMRE (Bellingham) and on my streaming show (Mixcloud).  However, it needs be music from Louisiana. New Orleans and Lafayette are my focus communities.  Secondly, and most important, I need to have access to your music.

I do an annual summary of new music, but only if I had a chance to play it.

You can provide the music electronically. However, if you have a CD or vinyl, we can put your music on our new music shelf in the KAOS studios where it will have a chance to played by other deejays at our open format, commercial-free station.

Also, if you’re planning your tour – please consider playing Olympia or at least the Northwest.  If you provide me details (by leaving a comment on this page), I’ll put you on my music calendar.  Also, I’m happy to help you find a venue when performing in Olympia and we can try to arrange a time for you to perform in the KAOS studio . I work very hard to support New Orleans area musicians who tour our area.  Two performers in recent years who have had success in Olympia are Davis Rogan and Helen Gillet.

rogan concert
Davis Rogan boldly ventured to Olympia in 2018 for an SRO house concert.  He plans to come back!

KAOS, which broadcasts and streams Sweeney’s Gumbo YaYa, is a free form community radio station.  KMRE in Bellingham also airs the show a week later. I also podcast the shows.

It’s best for the musician if we have a hard copy of your music so it can be placed on our new music shelf for three months.  Please mark it as New Orleans music or for Sweeney’s Gumbo YaYa if you would like me to consider it for the show:

KAOS Music Department
Attention: Tim Sweeney
Evergreen State College – CAB 104
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW
Olympia, WA 98505

If you would rather just share your music electronically, leave a comment with your contact information and I’ll follow up with you.

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