Tune in to Gumbo YaYa


Jamming at the Economy Hall Tent at New Orleans Jazzfest 2006.

My name is Tim Sweeney and I love all kinds of music from New Orleans so much that I host a show of it every Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon (West Coast Time).

Sweeney’s Gumbo YaYa is aired and streamed by KAOS 89.3 Olympia — a community radio station located in Olympia, Washington (2,619 miles from Frenchmen Street) —   My shows (playlists and links to recorded ones) include blues, jazz, R&B, hip hop, folk, cajun/zydeco, Mardi Gras Indian, rock, and everything in between-new and old

While I’ve lived in the Northwest for over 30 years, I was born in New Orleans and attended Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School at the corner of Freret and Napolean from kindergarten to fourth grade in the 60’s.  I wore the uniform required of Catholic students — khaki pants, black tie and saddle oxford shoes. The school is closed now but I still wear the khaki pants.

I visit New Orleans as often I can afford and I stay plugged in by listening to WWOZ, reading Offbeat, and by talking with friends and connections.  I also follow all my favorite NOLA artists through my facebook page.

Please consider subscribing (see top of right side of this page). I post an article here at least every week usually right after my Thursday show.  Thank you for visiting.


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