Hurricane Katrina Shows in Review

Over the course of hosting a KAOS radio show, I’ve done a number of shows dedicated to Hurricane Katrina, using the music from New Orleans to highlight aspects of this catastrophe so change the city. Here’s a summary.

The 2015 Katrina recognition show was a two-parter (10 year anniversary). The first goes into the detail of the storm and its impact. The second focuses on the musicians and their stories. The shows features short excerpts from Spike Lee’s movie “When the Levees Broke.” Both shows can be accessed at the end of the page on this link.

The 2016 show along with my 2014 show (airing right before I started doing a New Orleans music show) was not recorded. \

The 2017 Katrina recognition show was dedicated to ALL flood victims.

The 2018 Katrina recognition show was dedicated to Puerto Rico which had just been chewed up by Hurricane Maria.

The 2019 Katrina recognition show focused on ‘the delta and Louisiana coastline.

The 2020 show followed up on the 2019 them, highlighting the strong connection between coastal erosion and the severity of hurricanes. The show featured a brief audio message from the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

Mardi Gras Gumbo-Pendium

If you’re looking for Mardi Gras music to celebrate Fat Tuesday, I have assembled some of my Mardi Gras shows from the past starting with the most recent and running in order to the oldest. Click the sideways arrow in the player and it will play the show without you having to leave the page.

Last week’s show started with Valentine’s Day inspired songs but ends with a full hour of Mardi Gras tracks.

The 2020 Mardi Gras show is almost all Mardi Gras music

The Mardi Gras show from 2019

From 2018

And from 2016

Louisiana musicians co-host a rocking Gumbo YaYa show

Six more musicians join me for the second original Shelter in Place Gumbo YaYa show. I find listening to their voices, recorded from their homes, reassuring to me and, I hope, its that way for you too. Please start this show which begins with a very appropriate song by Allen Toussaint “We’re All Connected.”

Today’s co-hosts include Sonny Landreth, Lynn Drury, Mark Mullins (of Bonerama), Mike Doussan, Paul Sanchez and Jeremy Davenport. They were kind enough to take time to record these message and send them to a faraway radio station. But before we get to them, I spin a warm up set of COVID inspired songs including Larry Garner’s “Virus Blues” (really about computer viruses), Kristin Diable’s “Black Plague and Dynamite” and Chubby Carrier’s “Touch Me, Touch Me Baby.”

Paul Sanchez – Photo by Nunu

Paul Sanchez is the first voice recording you’ll hear at about the 17 minute mark. In my introduction to this talented songwriter, I mention his role in converting the Hurricane Katrina-inspired book Nine Lives into a musical. You can see this work online (Part 1 and Part 2). He introduces a song from his new record and I play two other tracks from of his other records. I also play as I did last week when I featured Alex McMurray, a song from the Write Brothers since Paul is also a member of that project.

Mike Doussan enters the show at about the 33 minute mark introducing a new (not-yet-released) song “Sunset for Lily.” It’s worth getting to this point in the show just to hear that beautiful guitar work.The set carries on with a couple more of my favorites of his. Mike’s been active in doing live shows from his home through his Facebook page.

Like Mike, Mark Mullins is a native of New Orleans. When he sent his voice recording, he apologized for its length. But I find it charming, particularly when he makes fun of his band’s name, Bonerama. Mark, along with Craig Klein, was performing in Harry Connick Jr.’s band when the two got the idea of forming aband that would feature trombones as the lead voice. That was over 20 years ago. Last year, they released an album of Led Zeppelin covers and a single featuring Michael McDonald who enters the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year as one of The Doobie Brothers. Mark introduces (at about the 50 minute mark) the song featuring McDonald which is a tribute to Allen Toussaint. I finish the set with “Happy” and “Look Out Lonely.” (You’ll also hear Craig Klein’s voice on the legal id after “Happy.”

Lynn Drury’s latest record

Lynn Drury writes and sings heartfelt songs that made me fall in love with her music almost instantly. I’m so delighted she agreed to send her voice into the show. After the 68 minute mark, she introduces “Cold Feet” from her latest release Rise of the Fall. I feature two others songs from her Come to My House record and finish the set with a song she wrote and sang for another project called The Honeypots.

Master slide guitarist Sonny Landreth takes over fat about the 84 minute mark. He’s a regular visitor to the Northwest and every well else. This musician works hard. A veteran of Zydeco pioneer Clifton Chenier’s Red Hot Band, Landreth is one of the reasons I extend the range of my music show to include music from Lafayette. He introduces a song of his latest record, Blacktop Run, followed by two other rocking numbers from his extensive library.

Jeremy Davenport sings and plays trumpet and in the set he introduces (after 98 minutes), you’ll hear him play the part of Mr. St. Louis (his home town) in a duet with Mr. New Orleans (aka Kermit Ruffins). Davenport is now a New Orleans resident and releasing music with Basin Street Records.

The show finishes with two body jiggling brass band numbers by The Original Pinettes Brass Band and the Hot 8 Brass Band. Thank you for tuning in. Please consider subscribing to this blog so you can hear about new shows right away.