Hurricane Katrina Shows in Review

Over the course of hosting a radio show featuring New Orleans music, I did a number of shows dedicated to Hurricane Katrina, using the music from New Orleans to highlight aspects of this catastrophe. I would air the show around the anniversary of the hurricane’s landfall in Louisiana. And you can listen to them even … Continue reading “Hurricane Katrina Shows in Review”

From Katrina to COVID, the music survives but for how long

Fifteen years ago, New Orleans was literally underwater. And while the city has bounced back, I’m not sure our country has learned very much from the lessons of Hurricane Katrina. This week’s show is my seventh annual Katrina recognition kicked off by the Free Agents Brass Band sounding both joyous and angry upon its return … Continue reading “From Katrina to COVID, the music survives but for how long”

14 years after Katrina and Louisiana is still losing its coastline

This year’s recognition show of Hurricane Katrina floats downriver to the disappearing wetlands of Louisiana’s coastline. Get it started and read on. This is my fifth show recognizing the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and this year I chose to address the existential issue of whether our country is prepared to hold on to a critical … Continue reading “14 years after Katrina and Louisiana is still losing its coastline”

Katrina 13 year anniversary – What the hell!

Thirteen years since Hurricane Katrina destroyed the lives of over a thousand New Orleans residents, scattering survivors throughout the country.  And yet, based on our abysmal response to the damage wrought by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, we’ve learned little.  Get this year’s annual Katrina recognition dedicated to Puerto Rico started. Shamarr Allen creates the … Continue reading “Katrina 13 year anniversary – What the hell!”

A dozen years after Katrina

The 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans has been marked by deadly flood waters around the planet–from Houston to Bangladesh. Today’s show, originally aired on KAOS and presented in edited form below, is dedicated to all flood victims.  As weather intensifies in the future, we all run the risk of … Continue reading “A dozen years after Katrina”

Hurricane Katrina scattered New Orleans music across the U.S.

An upside to Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flood was the infusion of New Orleans culture throughout our country.  With the city almost completely evacuated, its people, music, cooking, way of talk and style scattered across the U.S. like seeds from a dandelion blowball. Texas received the largest number of evacuees. Austin, which like New Orleans … Continue reading “Hurricane Katrina scattered New Orleans music across the U.S.”

Hurricane Katrina 10-year anniversary is a time to reflect

The 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina affords us the opportunity to remember and reflect on how devastating nature can be when compounded by human failure. I’m dedicating these two radio shows to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. As often happens, the poor, elderly and vulnerable populations suffered disproportionately because of their inability to get out of harms … Continue reading “Hurricane Katrina 10-year anniversary is a time to reflect”

Last Gumbo YaYa Show But the Blog Will Carry On

I have hung up my headset and retired the show with this week’s farewell program. I’m healthy . . .just hewing to my philosophy of ending activities when they are still fun to do. I’ll explain this a bit more but first go ahead and demonstrate your multitask abilities by starting the show while still … Continue reading “Last Gumbo YaYa Show But the Blog Will Carry On”

A Show To Satisfy that Live Music Craving

If its been too long since you’ve experienced live music than this week’s show might offer some joy, starting with the funky Meters 2010 JazzFest extended performance of “Fire on the Bayou.” For that song alone, you should start the player below. While studio recordings can offer more perfection and audio wizardry, live recordings deliver … Continue reading “A Show To Satisfy that Live Music Craving”

You Just Never Know What You’ll Hear – It’s Gumbo Ain’t It?

Earl King addresses some of the reason’s why I do this show in the kick off song “No City Like New Orleans.” But hang on to your ear buds cause its my usual meandering ride through the city’s musical corners. In recognition of the second cancelled New Orleans JazzFest, Kenny Neal starts the first full … Continue reading “You Just Never Know What You’ll Hear – It’s Gumbo Ain’t It?”